Friday, November 27, 2009

5 Minutes Married Couple

Maria & Pedro are 23-year-old-married couple with 2 teenage daughters, Tess & Kathy. They live in one big apartment, with 8 big windows each facing empty streets, 4 big rooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 toilets, 2 kitchen, 1 dining room, 1 breakfast room, & 2 living rooms. The apartment looks bigger and emptier since Tess & Kathy went abroad for achieving their bachelor degrees. 

Maria is a lawyer & a proud owner of Maria Del Shoes, and Pedro her husband is yes, a successful businessman with good prospect companies. They are so busy, super busy and super busy.  They love each other so much, but they are just so busy with their own careers. They are so busy that they don't have time for hugging, kissing and fighting.

They can only meet each other for 5 minutes everyday. Sort of "magic 5 minutes", that's what their friends say about them. They enjoy their 5 magic minutes in the breakfast room from 12.00-12.05.  They use it for quick brief chit chat, sometimes about their daughters, sometimes about their works, or problems at the office, anything at all. Short and of course to the point. The room is well furnished, all white painted & the lighting director they hired was obviously the pro one, but people can see there's no life there. No fresh flowers, no whole wheat bread lying on the cabinet, or half-bottle of jam standing on the table, not even used glasses usually seen in the sink. It's like a dead beautiful kitchen seen in Ikea display. 

22 November: 12.00

Pedro: Hi, Sweetheart
Maria: Hi, Sweetie
Pedro: Today I'm having a meeting with Japanese businessman, he could be a good partner for me. I knew him from Jeff.
Maria: Nice, I'm going to meet some buyers. They love my Spring Summer collection. Lovely isn't it!
Pedro: Congratulations, Sweetheart. 
Maria: You too. 
(and the conversation is keep on rolling)

Maria: Okay, gotta get going!
Pedro: yes yes what a busy day! Bye Maria
Maria: bye Sweetie!

And the breakfast room is back into a dead room.

23 November: 12.00

Pedro: Hi, Sweetheart
Maria: Sweetie...
Pedro: We should check out Barbara Lee, she could be a great business developer for Maria Del.
Maria: Yes I guess we should do that. And Kathy just got her internship at CNN. I've told you she's a brain
Pedro: And why did Tess break up with Timmy? I like him though.
Maria: hahahahaha. Do you still love me if my mouth is stink and never wants to check it up to a doctor ?
Pedro: yes of course I won't leave you just because your mouth is stink. Your hearts smells good! 
Maria: hmm.. love you

(the conversation is rolling)


Maria: love you!
Pedro: love you too, bye Sweetheart

Here comes again the dead breakfast room.

24 November: 12.00

Maria sitting alone in the breakfast room, Pedro hasn't arrived.

12.03: Pedro still has not arrived

Maria looked at her watch, upset. She had this appointment right after her 5 minutes magic, and now she had to leave right on 12.05. 

The breakfast room left behind without any conversations made.

25 November: 12.02

Maria arrived 2 minutes late, she felt guilty and rushed into the breakfast room as she take off her coat.

Maria: Sorry Sweetie I'm late, Cecilia was late for my brunch meeting and ---

There's no Pedro in the breakfast room, Maria just realized. She put on her coat again and sighed anxiously. A bit suspicious on her heart. Pedro never missed this 5 minutes magic ever in his busy life, and the worst thing is he didn't pick up the phone since yesterday.

Suddenly her mobile phone rang, Maria sighed again. It must be the buyers, they have a lunch meeting. "Hi, I'm on the way to the restaurant and -- hello? Who is this?"

Dr. Cane: Maria, it's me Cane. 
Maria: Oh, Hi! Dr. Cane! How are you? It's been so long. Actually I'm planning to meet you for the general check-up next week. 
Dr. Cane: Maria, where are you?
Maria: I'm actually at home, but going to have some lunch meeting after this. What is it Dr. Cane? Anything I can help?
Dr. Cane: I'm sorry, Pedro just got a heart attack. He got into the hospital yesterday and insisted me not to tell you and- 
Maria: Oh my!.. uhm... ho-how can this happen.. Okay I'm going right away to the hospital, tell him I'm on my way!
Dr. Cane: Maria.. Maria...listen to me.. please, I'm sorry, but Pedro just passed away 10 minutes ago. 

The breakfast room never felt so dead like this before.

30 November: 12.00

Maria sat alone in front of the gravestone. 

Pedro Del
A beloved husband & father

Maria spread the red roses onto the grave. She sat and started to talk.

Maria: Hi Sweetie... 
Maria: Yes, I know you are listening...
Maria: Okay you miss me already, I miss you more. Pedro, I thought we would always do the 5 minutes magic until we're old. 
Maria: say something I feel the silliest widow in the whole world. There's so much things I want to tell you, I feel like we're still in the breakfast room and you're still telling everything. I have no idea how we could summarize our life in 5 minutes each day. If I knew this would happen, we wouldn't do that, would we? I want to ask you how do I look...and I want to hug you.. I want to put your tie into the right position.. I want you to smell my new perfume.. I want to clean up your suit when you have falling hair on the shoulder pad..I want you to pull out my grey hair...

And the graveyard becomes her new breakfast room, but this time there's no 5 minutes magic. Because Maria couldn't even leave the gravestone at least after 4 hours. Last time she was talking for 5 hours in front of the gravestone. She knows she's the most stupid widow, and they were the most stupid couple ever lived. But somehow the graveyard looked more alive than the furnished breakfast room. Strange.