Sunday, May 30, 2010


I'm a little boy, aged around 6. Wait, I'm not sure, but yes I think I'm around 6. Actually I don't really care how old I am, especially I see human not from their ages. Right now I'm in love with a lady, I don't care how old she is, but she already has two daughters and one life partner, called a husband. This lady is not as pretty as my mother, but she has beautiful abstract pictures on her face with interesting shapes like melting candles. My big sister said those are wrinkles and aged skin, well I don't care what they are called but I think those are the most beautiful objects I've ever seen. It's like when I see big trees on the forest. They always stand up no matter what (maybe not when human chop them) some of them maybe do some bow, but their skin are full of abstract pictures like that lady has, as my big sister called them wrinkles, but they look definitely strong. They have survived different seasons every year. Anyways, I don't really care how the trees survived, but I am just in love with that lady. It all started when I went to the supermarket with my mother. We were on milk department, my mother was going to buy some milk for me. There she was, this lady walked toward the same aisle. She was going to buy some milk too. Then my mother and that lady greeted at each other, and I don't know how but they just talked to each other and introduced their names. I forgot that lady's name, but I don't care what people call her. I would just call her 'lady'. My mother asked her what milk she always bought for her children, and she answered, "My two daughters are already married, they could survive by their own now. And my husband is not a big fan of milk. So actually I'm looking milk for myself. I love milk." And that second I just fell in love, cause I love mature people who still drink milk. Then that lady continued. "But of course, I need to drink high-calcium and low-fat milk, since I'm not as young as your beautiful son." Then that lady smiled at me. In that second again, for the first time I saw those beautiful abstract pictures on her face. When she smiled, they somehow grew more. I smiled back at her to make her smile again. And there she was, smiling wider. More abstract pictures showed up. My heart was melting that time. My mother tapped me on the head. "Yes, Corner is a big fan of milk too. He never asked me buy some toys, but he always reminds me if the milk in the fridge is almost finished." I felt good when my mother told the lady that story. I felt like in a very good match for her. Milk couple would be a cool name for us.
Then we all walked to cashier. This time cashier feels like Disneyland's exit gate. I don't want this  spontaneous meeting to be over. I almost told my mother to ask that lady's number, but I think my mother would be shocked if I ever did that. So I just stayed in silence, staring at that lady's feature nonstop. Her body is not thin, but people won't say she's fat. A bit chubby on the tummy, with her breasts didn't make any appearance under her blue silk blouse. I guess her two daughters drank too much breast milk when they were little until that lady lost the shapes. But I don't care about her breasts.
My mother paid first, so we had to walk out first. That lady stood behind us, getting ready to pay. My mother lift up her shopping bags and said goodbye to the lady. I kept standing near the cashier, didn't want to stop viewing her. "Corner, let's go home. We don't have too much time." I slowly  smiled at the lady, who didn't look at me because busy paying attention to her groceries. But I don't care, my last view has to be the best. And what's next? What story could make this story a good ending? I don't care about you readers, I only care about that lady. Hope to meet her again soon.

Friday, May 28, 2010