Sunday, February 14, 2010





Hi. I'm Trevor, I'm a cupid. Yes, that cupid you know. Yup, the one who works for a thing called looove.

I've been a cupid since like 5 years ago. It's cool being a cupid, but trust me working for love is a very hard work.

What I do is sending a love message to every human being in this world. Sometimes in North, South, East, or West, sometimes in night, morning, or dawn. Wait, love message is not always an "I Love You", but unfortunately it can also be an "I Don't Love You Anymore" or "I Guess We Should Stop Our Relationship" message. So trust me, it's not easy to be a cupid because imagine us send a message and found the person cry out loud afterwards... that's gloomy.  We hate seeing people cry, so we always wish to get a duty for happy message. But that's it, we cannot choose our message and just be prepared for shitty messages.

This morning after lunch hour, me and my other cupid friends, Louisa, Hubb, and Leon, got ready to go to the "Message Room". We are best friends, and we always share our stories together.

We took the queue to the Message Desk where all the Senior Cupids wait and give us the message to send.

"I wish today I got something romantic, yesterday I just got a message to a beautiful wife from a jack-ass husband... telling her that he's seeing another woman who's 10 years younger, " Louisa said angrily while crossing her hands in front of her chest. "Jack ass!"

I tapped her on her wings. "Calm down... we don't have jobs without human fooling around with their love lives. Take the positive side will ya."

Hubb smiled. "That's what I like about you, Trevor. You always take the positive side. Remember the last time you sent message from a student to her geography teacher? We thought it was wild & not good, but all you said was the teacher teaches geography and he knows where every single city stands, but he doesn't know where his love life anymore... so the student could be a great match, it is to teach him where's the thing called love. That's awesome!"

I laughed. "Yes, the geography teacher was clearly never been serviced by his wife. He looked pale around his heart. It's not healthy."

Leon, the quiet one, only smiled. He doesn't speak much, that's why he's one of the favorites. A cupid is preferred quiet, so human can have more of their privacies. But I peeked a bit of his message yesterday, I think he just got a message from a girl to her (now ex) boyfriend, that she wanted to dump him because they got no same interests in music. I think I don't love you anymore because I listen to David Bowie, while you stick to David Foster. Goodbye. 

Yes, human are so funny! I guess human world is like a sitcom sometimes.

After a 5 minute queue I finally got the turn. Sir Dundall, one of the Message Cupids, listed my name and searched for my message on a pile of white envelopes. " it you have to fly to North. It's from a man lives at 3°35′N 98°40′E to a lady at 6°12′S 106°48′E . The message is.... I love you so much, you have to know that. I always think about you. But I end up acting like I don't love you, like I don't want you... I don't know it's just hard to show some love these days... people always say spread the love, people always say world need more love, but all I can say is world is having too much love that it make them don't feel the existence anymore. It's like an air.. it's around us but we don't feel it or appreciate it anymore because it's too much. So all I want to do now is, find some other way than a thing called love, or a thing red colored, to make you believe it that we are someday beyond just a thing called love."

Pretty romantic yet dangerous for us the Cupids, I thought for myself while taking the message. Louisa was pissed off because she got another turn-off message, Hubb got a will you marry me message, which is nice, and Leon as usual just kept it for himself.

Then I drink some Cupid Liquid SO578, it's probably like a gas or fuel or something if it can make you understand. We, the Cupids, have to drink before we fly. It makes us stronger to beat off the storm, rain, or sunny heat.

After one glass of Cupid Liquid SO578, I spread my wings and flew to North. I smelled the fresh air, felt the breeze of humid wind, and the sounds of dancing fog around me. Thank God it's not storming right now, but suddenly I heard some crash. Pretty loud. I knew what it was.. another plane accident!
I flew to the right side and looked where it came from, and there it was. So I forgot to tell you something, Cupid's main job desk is to send a love message, but we are also being told to help the people who are accidentally going to end their lives. We don't help them to stay alive, but only to whisper them some love potions that make them die in love. You know what I mean.

So I flew down and landed on some mountainous ground. People are bleeding, and I saw some other Cupids there. Whispering..and whispering some love potions...  "You are so being loved... You are so being loved as long as you live... You're going to meet a lot of loves in heaven..."

Then of course my message to the North has to be cancelled.

That's why, if you happen to feel empty without love, or confused about love, or feeling lonely because you have no idea who's in love with you, it's probably because the Cupid has to do more important job to people who is not luckier than you are. I'm sorry if the message doesn't get you,  but you just have to believe that, someone out there is actually in love with you... they are wanting you so bad, but you just don't get the message yet. So always smile and don't hide your happiness in a locker, because you deserve to be loved. Way beyond a thing called love.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Me: 911.. I am reporting a murder.

911: Yes, can you tell us what and where you are Miss...

Me: Somebody just shoot me at heart

911: I beg you pardon?

Me: Yes... and now I'm bleeding, but the funny thing is my blood shaped like heart.

911: You are telling us that you're bleeding some heart?

Me: Yes.. and the guy who shot me is now flying.

911: Are you trying to fool us?

Me: No, Sir... there's a Cupid in front of me.

911: great. (hung up the phone)

'Me' is just in love, guys.  Leave her alone.