Monday, October 18, 2010


Hi Human!
I'm a star named Spocia. Yes, I'm one of the stars in the galaxy.
I'm bright, because you can see me in the dark.
Our jobs are a lot, and difficult. We are responsible to bring beauty in the night.
No worries, it's okay if you sleep during the night and too sleepy to watch us. No hard feelings, because real stars don't demand for publicity that much.
I'm sorry if we cannot be really seen sometimes, but it's not our fault. It's pollution's fault.
And the toughest job we have is when a human has an important wish.
The Star God always says we have to become a falling star so you human can make a wish. That's the time when we have to suicide and fall as a proud star. I know it sounds not right, but of course we don't mind as long as you can make your wish.
Oh, I'm sorry. I gotta go. A girl just wanted to make a wish on Earth. She wished God could add more polar bears, panda, smiles, shake hands, and butterfly in the stomach to Earth.

It's nice talking to you! Don't forget me, Spocia, once a star in the galaxy and hopefully you consider me as your friend. And I'm sure my other star friends will help you when you want to wish upon a falling star. Well, I really gotta go now. The girl is waiting. And please tell how do I look when I die down there, do I still look cute and bright? Just kidding. Bye bye!!!