Thursday, August 11, 2011


Life is not getting better. Especially for a girl superhero from South East part of Asia named Susan.
She is not normal, because she's a superhero. She can help people and stop crimes. Her heart is honest and she never thought of corruption and capitalism. Not a single byte. That is absolutely NOT normal. She's so unlucky because she never gets attached by advertising or branding. She doesn't know Coca Cola and McDonald's and Starbucks and Apple. Her life must be tasteless. She didn't have Facebook account. How could anybody on Earth can live without any Facebook wall? She's so unlucky.
One day she wanted to help one guy in Papua because he fell down into a big dark hole. A police arrest Susan because apparently she just entered private property of a gold mining company.
One day she wanted to help a kid in the States because he almost got hit by a speed Porche on the street. A police arrest Susan because she wore exactly the same uniform like a guy named Superman whom Susan never heard before and the police said "you stole Universal Studio's royalties kid, you must buy that uniform in China."
One day she wanted to help a woman in Italy because she almost got hit by her husband. A police arrest Susan because she needed a Schengen visa and business permit to be inside or working in Euro zone.
One day she wanted to help a lady whose bag is stolen by a thief in China. A police arrest Susan because the bag she has saved was a fake Louis Vuitton bag.
One day she wanted to help a little girl in Afghanistan because she was locked inside her room for years. A police arrest her because it is not right to fight for women's right.

Unlucky superhero named Susan. So she stopped being a superhero and bought Ipad2 instead and seeing world through touch screen and becoming normal.


Sundea said...

Setelah besar, ternyata Susan nggak jadi dokter yg nyuntik orang lewat. Dia jadi unlucky super hero.

Posting ini bagus, deh. Bicara feminisme dengan cara yang playful tapi ngena banget =)

Berardo said...

I want to marry Susan and make her happy!