Saturday, June 12, 2010


Fishshit. Fishtard. Fishhole. I give up being a fish. A fish as a creature living in the water is a fishhole.

I'm a female fish living inside a jar with another fish. He's a male fish. I never have a chance to know his name, since I couldn't listen carefully what my owner called him, or yeah even my own name! When you're inside water, everything sounds bubbly.

I always want to say "Hi how are you" or "you look great today" to that male fish, but whenever I open my mouth only bubbles coming out. I can't even smile because fish always make that same "O" shape lips, even if you're sad, angry, or happy. The same fishtard "O" shape!

I can't even make eye communication, because fish eyes always turn out big and round and round like that. That's why you got Fish Eye lens. I wish I could lower my eyelids a bit just to be romantic or maybe sexier than this lifetime open-wide eyeballs.

And don't mention about body language communication, because I don't even have a hand to say "I Love You" or "Hello" or "Stop" or "Talk to the hand" thing like you can do as human.

Even worse, I couldn't show him that I'm sad and in a big need of cuddle. Because my tears is transparent inside water.

So as a human, please say "I love you" to your love one or "Hi" as many as you can while you can, smile as big as you feel, hug your friends as many as you desire, and burst into tears as many as you want cause it will make your cheeks wet beautifully. Just as many as you want because you're not a fish like me.

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Dai said...

oooh... this one is sooo nice... i feel like hugging you know, my best friend in the world.... I love you key... i want you to know that.. and thanks God that i am not a fish who cant express my feelings.... Big hugggssss