Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Mrs. Polar Bear (with Croco Birkin bag) vs. Mrs. Croco (with Fendi fur coat)

Mrs. Croco: "Hey Mrs. Polar Bear! How are you!"
Mrs. Polar Bear: "Doing good. How are you? Wow you look different today."
Mrs. Croco: "Well, do I look fancy? Just got this fur coat from Fendi store. Isn't it nice?"
Mrs. Polar Bear: "Yeah. It looks good, but strange it just looks like my family. I smell someone familiar."
Mrs. Croco: "Someone familiar? What do you mean?"
Mrs. Polar Bear: "I smell my uncle, who just got killed by human few months ago."
Mrs. Croco: "Whatever, but hey dude what are you holding there? Nice piece of bag!"
Mrs. Polar Bear: "Thanks, not easy to get it. I got it from Hermes store, we call it Birkin bag. It's made from real reptile skin they said. I've been waiting for years to get it and bring it home. But I prefer to call it Hermes Bear-kin bag."
Mr. Croco: "Strange...I smell someone familiar too. Smells like my niece who got kidnapped by human few years ago."

Mrs. Polar Bear & Mrs. Croco just laughed out loud for the same coincidence. They have no idea the big thing happening there. Well, who cares. We call them just some of fashion victims and they are always happy as long as they look good.

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