Thursday, August 12, 2010


I love how serious people being busy inside a room for scientific experiments or research. Wearing their hygienic white suit outside their shirt or maybe sporty polos.
I like to think some random guessing of how they work inside their lab room, such as, maybe, they don't talk much to each other, move their hands really slowly or they spill the liquid, listen to nothing because they have to keep their Ipod inside the lockers, don't remember to answer instant messages from their loved ones because ring tones are way too distracting, and maybe they hide some peanuts inside their suit pocket for light meals during the research. Whatever happens inside the laboratory room.
Maybe my guess are all wrong, because I have never been there. I'm not a scientist. Maybe they play Depeche Mode with highest volume and do eighties dance while do the experiments, or anything else. I don't really know. I should check those scientists.
But now, why not I try to be one in my own way? Try to make my own 'laboratory room' which could be anywhere from my room, kitchen, or maybe inside my car, try to make my own research and random experiments.... but this time not to change reality or something serious like that. Of course not, my biology teacher wouldn't be happy if she finds out I'm doing this. But let's say, it's just for fulfilling my curiosity about random stuff around my life and answer it with silly experiments.

Coming soon! Because I'm still busy. Yes, a scientist has to be busy!

Just let's see, let's see, and I wouldn't say DONT TRY THIS AT HOME kind of stuff to you, because I have a feeling none of you would be interested to try what I will do anyway. Cause trust me, my research will be far far far away from important.

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cecilliahidayat said...

maybe they danced to Depeche Mode's while teasing the lab rats with the peanuts XD

you got one interested reader here :D
*duduk manis*