Friday, August 06, 2010

TRIO by Elisabeth Hedytia

My best friend Tia wrote this for my blog. It is a non-fiction short story about a band called Polypony. 
Do you know Polypony? 
Wait, does Polypony know you? 

And as you requested, I contributed a drawing for your story as well. 
Sending you a kizz on the agnezzz

write short now.
I mean, short stories.
Stories about my feelings,my heart, and nonsense.

I used to write lyrics,
But what lyrics now?
I don't have any band.
Well,there was one band,my rest-in-peace band.
It's called polypony.
It was fun.
Mad fun.

It's just me,karin and sulung, my then boyfriend.
My x.
But we're cool now.
We're bestfriend.
No, it's not cliche.
We've been through a lot.
A lot of shit together.
So we're in this path, that we're ok.
So ok we can be brother and sister.
So ok it was tacky in the first place,but we don't care. 
We're ok now.

where was I?
Oh polypony,
yeah, it was mad fun, did I already tell you that?
It was a silly band, with silly lyrics, silly music and killer costumes.
Me and karin, we're kinda obsessed with our stage performance.
We always thought that we're reincarnations of ziggy stardust,mixed with dolly parton. Super crazy.

it was mad fun, polypony sounded like a crazy ex girlfriend,who ran to your window and crashed her body to it.
That's our sound.
It's pretty funny, because none of us, either me or karin, have that kind of taste in music.
Me, I always stuck with bjork, red house painters, my bloody valentine and camera obscura,oh,a lil le tigre won't hurt.
And karin, that weird bitch, my best bitch, she only listen to my bloody valentine and sigur ros.
straight up.
Like vodka on the rock.
Dry, very dry

And our output, god, we're so strange.
Our output, became so loud, angry, stupid, silly, and too disco. 
Well, disco is always nice. But a shoegaze disco? 
That was mad rite?

Let me tell you why we got there in the first place.
It was karin's ex boyfriend fault.
He was a post punk singer in an electro clash band, and he was a DJ too.
So much for a profession.
He came with all the impossible plan, the way polypony should sound,look and act like.
And we kinda fell in love with the idea.
Talking about shameless.
anyway, that's polypony

The rest is history,We're playing local indie gigs, then in mid-sized clubs, then in a big club, art show, birthday parties, til we sick. 
Well, there were only 6 gigs. 
But we got sick.So sick of it.and then we threw up.

The hype was so extravagant.
I was not sure why, even karin, well she's the one who got the ignorant feeling,but in a good way. She never cared what's going on. I'd wished I can be her, for certain reason for several occasions.

Like when in a wedding or something, all I wanna do is hit the buffet and then leave.
Because its typical indonesian wedding, we have to shake the couple who stand in the stage, dress like a clown, and wait to be greeted.
I mean, I feel sorry for them, I pity them, and I respect them by not coming to see them. I just wanna enjoy the party, eat the food, I bet that's all they (the couple) want us to do. To enjoy the party, to ignore them, they're married anyway, they need a party. Life sucks after marriage.

And yeah,polypony only lasted for 2 years or at least 2.5 years.
with 6 gigs.sounds like a loser, but I guess we won, we won in so many ways. 
We're the first band, or duo,or whatever that came with that stupid idea of 2 girlfriends,running around on the stage and yelling and dress like marie antoinette. It was 2006. No one ever did that.Not in the 2006. I was 22. So young. gosh. where was my head.

Now, 4 years after that, we change, we change a lot. 
I'm working, hell yeah I work.
even karin, she's big now. She's a fashion editor for this big vogue-ish magazine.
And Sulung, only god knows what's he's into. 
He was dead as a designer, and then he's born again as a different designer, and so on and so on. He's pretty stubborn. That's why we clicked.

Its midyear 2010 now,4 years apart from our golden moment, our 15 seconds of fame, or more like 5 seconds.
But I miss that feeling.
The feelings when you're on stage.
And everybody's looking at you, laughing at you, pay attention to you. 
Only me and the microphone, and karin.and sulung on the decks.
I miss polypony. 

But never,ever,in the back of our mind, we're doing the reunion.
Reunion is only for losers.
It's only for people who can't move on.
God forbid the word "reunion". even I puke when I saw my bloody valentine reunion.
they were zombies, they look so old, and still playing their hits 20 years ago.
what a losers
But I love them.
I love losers.
Well, its just me. And polypony.-R.I.P. polypony
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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pingin liat poly pony walaupun gak mungkin aaaaaa :'( :D