Thursday, September 30, 2010


Hi, I'm a snake. Sorry that I don't have a name. I am doing a survey for my snakology thesis. 
Human, What you guys do when you are in love? 
Is it easier to feel love? Don't tell me it's easier to lose it as well? 
You have good size and quality of brain and heart. We don't. We are just curious, what does it feel to deal love with those cool stuff?
You have hands and legs. We wonder what lot lot lot of things you can do with those amazing stuff around your body?
You have mouth and verbal language. We are wondering what lot lot lot of things you can say to your lover?
Because we are poor snake only can stick out our tongues while you can do french kiss, and we don't have hands and legs so we could only shape our body a love sign to show what we feel. Not much we can do about love.

We want to be human badly. Cause love life looks easier. No? 


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cecilliahidayat said...

This stabs right to the heart.ouch.