Tuesday, September 21, 2010


       Hello, HANDWRITING.
         I miss you.

I've been pretty busy with my laptop and mobile phone. 
As you already notice, me and almost everybody create words with those keypads now.

             Don't be jealous. 
Without you, we don't do greeting cards anymore lately.
Including for my birthday :(
 I didn't get any birthday cards. 
Only SMS...and some virtual networks. 
Wait, I got one, but only with a signature on the bottom :p
Oh how I miss that loooong hard-to-read handwriting message plus hand drawing bonus as you flip the card.

I know. I'm sad too :(
And you just don't know how much I have pushed 'delete' button for my misspelled words here. LOL.
Oh wait, there is also auto spelling application. 
So my brain can have longer nap. 
But hey, it's good to meet you for a while though. 
I am smiling :) 


I won't forget you.
I still keep all the memories together. 
The best thing about you, that you are more lovely to be kept in my life box forever. Unless if I have thrown you into a garbage can :p Just kidding.
Hey, Handwriting. I gotta go.
I got lot of messages to reply, to send, and... 
Oh, you know.
Have a good day, Handwriting!

I hope to see you again soon.
Promise, please don't forget me and our memories together.

* Actually I wasn't really sure whether to publish this story or not,  because I don't want you guys think I'm THAT autistic. But well...I don't care at last.


Dai Lestari said...

you are that authistic.... na... you are so creative... always wait for your writing though it's short or long....
i miss you too not only the handwriting miss you..

Sundea said...

This one is my favorite post =)

Nilofar Ansher said...

Really enjoyed your post, was smiling at each handwriting... until I came to your comment at the end - and the response of your friends as well. It's a bit sad that you refer to 'autism' in such a derogatory way. You mean to say only 'autistic' persons come up with this 'level' of creativity - and you are BETTER than them somehow? Hope you take this comment in a positive way and remove the offensive statement. Thanks!

Artificial said...

nice post!

childgoodhood said...

hi! thank you Dai, Sundea, Nilofar, and Artificial :)

Dear Nilofar,

I'm sorry to make you feel offensive. That is the furthest furthest furthest emotional-destination of this writing at all. As you can see I got my own style of writing, thinking, expressing, and wondering something. I might not as genius or as critical as you are, but please appreciate other's world of mind.
I once wrote about how different point of view lead to different level of happiness, and I was only trying to say different point of view is fun. So I feel glad someone like you remind me about this, I learn something, but please tone down the way you share your thoughts to other people and don't act like you are the rightest human being.
So with my respect, I wouldn't delete my comment. Let the readers read it, feel bad or happy about it up to them, and I don't delete your comment too.

Nice to know you. Have a nice day!