Monday, November 27, 2006

Bully Shit

"Do I really look like a bull?" Jan suddenly asked his friend, Moore, while they were eating banana pancakes for breakfast at The Low Budget Cafe, the right cafe for taxi drivers, constructing workers, or magazine sellers. Jan and Moore are taxi drivers.
Moore snickered. "Man, I don't know...your nose is yes like a bull, but all the girls tell me you're cute. So don't you ever think about nip/tucking your bully nose. Since we won't spend our money for that inhumanity job. Right?"

Jan shrugged. "I just can't stand those eyes staring at my nose. This big, this bully, and this scary nose. I don't feel completed."

Moore didn't really understand his bestbud's last words.

Jan thought for a while, then he pointed his finger to the sky.

Moore stared up to the ceiling. "What?"

Jan rolled his eyes. "No, it's not about the ceiling. I just got an idea. I'll be back. Catch you later after our last shift HERE." Then he ran outside the cafe.

Moore only rubbed his perfect nose. "Thank God you're normal, my lovely nose. You're normal."

Eight hours later Moore has already been seated nicely at the cafe. He was terribly curious of what Jan might have done to his bully nose.

Ten minutes later, the cafe was buzzing like bugs.
A guy just walked into the cafe with his smiling face. Someone famous and perfectly handsome.

"Tom Cruise is in the house!" someone whispered from Moore's back.

Moore was now staring closely. Yes, it's Tom Cruise walking into this low-budget cafe. Where's Katie Holmes? No around?

Less than in a minute, Tom Cruise has stood up in front of Moore's face. "'s me, dude."
Moore shook his hand. "Yes, Tom. I know you. know me???"
This time Tom Cruise pointed his nose. Perfect nose. "I've changed myself to this guy named Tom Cruise. I'm Jan, stupid."
Moore almost choked his cigarette into his throat. "Holy cow!!! How come???"
Jan laughed. "I just talked to the real bull at the Oxteen Farm. I told that fucking bull to let me surrender this bully nose. He agreed and I suddenly became this fucking Tom Cruise in less than three minutes. No, it's actually four minutes."

Moore still almost choked himself. "You're telling me a bull shit!"

Jan/Tom Cruise nodded. "Yes, bull shit actually happens. And it's no bull shit."

Moore didn't have more words to say about bull thing.

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