Monday, November 27, 2006

Wonderland Filipi

Under that one big sky, people live differently. Someone is now making mustard sauce, other someone is buying a fish, other someone is walking his new dog, other someone is kissing other someone on the mouth, and Filipi is now hunting for a flower called "strada".

Her teacher told her that there's no such a thing as "strada" flower, or "strada" plant, or "strada" grass, but Filipi kept her wonderland mind inside her head. There is such a thing as "strada" flower, she said.

Filipi has been walking inside the jungle for 3 hours. Without companion, without food, without I-pod, and even without map.
She was really craving for that "strada" flower. Why?
It is because "strada" flower can make your lips popping up. Filipi loves pop-ups, from children pop-up storybook to pop-up birthday card. Now, she wants her lips to pop-up like those charming stuff. How could she ever get an idea about "strada" flower then? It's all from "kolk bug" pill. Guess what, I think you've given up all of her wonderland mind eh. Just forget it. Maybe this time we should better just leave it up to Filipi.

"I found it! I found it!" Filipi yelled to herself, and two squirrels not too far from her spot. "I found my "strada" flower!"

It's black, sometimes purplish under the lightest sunshine, and smells like a birthday card.

Filipi couldn't hide her glorifying laughters. "See! See! It's "strada" flower."

Then Filipi rubbed the flower all over her mouth as it was a lipgloss. 6 seconds, Filipi's lips felt like pumping and pumping...and she could feel it now. They're now popping up!

Filipi now got pop-up lips.

"Friends," said Filipi with her funny lips. "Since i've achieved this "strada" flower, now I want to look for "hugebell" fruit. It can grow up a pair of wings from your ribs."

Here Filipi goes again.

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