Monday, November 27, 2006

Rein Ortogello

That one day, Rein was eating pop corn in front of her 20" television, watching no good shows, listening to old buzzing radio next to her couch, moving-up-and-moving-down eyelids, shrieking Sam that little puppy, beating roofs of discoing mice, and on-and-off lamp on the desk. Rein wasn't an inspiring person, but she got this bow tie named Louisa, totally a trophy! She always wore Louisa to make sure that she still got someone to tight with.

Suddenly her cell phone rang. Rein was as shocked as she's once seen a wild cat wearing G-string around its butt and walking slowly like a stoned ho.
Her phone rang again. She never expected someone to give her a call outside office hour. She got nobody to talk to, usually, and now she had to pick up the reality.

Rein: Hello?
Someone (a man): Hi, you're Rein?
Rein: Who's this? Maybe you wish to call another Rein? There's also other Rein in my office. Rein Dass, she's the sales director. We split up customers sometimes, maybe--
Someone: I think I'm calling the right Rein. You're Rein Ortogello?
Rein (getting dizzy): What do you want, Sir?
Someone: I'm Stephen, I think we've met before. Remember? At Comfort Mart?
Rein: The guy with brown curly hair and lime green tennis shirt?
Stephen: Aha! You remember! Hi, how are you?
Rein: Are you still working as Comfort Mart's cashier?
Stephen (coughing): erhg..yes, Rein. But I'm the head of all the cashiers.
Rein: where did you get my number?
Stephen: You filled in that survey, and gave it to me. I just copied your phone number. Hope you're not mad?
Rein: You always do this to every customer? Bad you.
Stephen (as he looked to other 34 surveys with 34 names of single ladies on his lap): Yes.
Rein: (hung up the phone)
Stephen: I mean... no. damn!

Stupid Stephen calling, and Stephen couldn't do a simple white lie. Guess what, Rein almost dropped her frozen heart to that playboy head of cashier. So thank God that Stupid Stephen couldn't do a white lie.

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