Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Gold Fish Lips

Forbidden Fish Lips

The hardest person to talk with is not Angelina Jolie or George Bush. I'll say the right person to get the "Untalk Person" award is Kanya Tallush.

Well, not because she's snobby, or stupid, or voiceless. Or having problem with stinky mouth. Not at all. It is because her lips shaped like fish. Whenever she talks, some part of her lips don't move, some swim to the left side, some swim to the bottom, and it's just so miserable. Also, the worst part is her mouth always produces really big amount of saliva when she tries to talk. Just like a swimming fish.

Kanya feels lonely because she can't talk to anybody. It's not her dream to have fishy lips. Her parents are normal, her little sister Tray is normal, her big brother Johnson is normal, and even her puppy Bacon is that normal as a terrier.

Suddenly, when Kanya walked along the street with her empty companion, she stopped right in front of a pet shop. She saw three little dogs, two cats, a bunch of white rats, two gross snakes, and....one little goldfish inside a glassy jar.

It's only written "2 $"

"Twosh Dowshlarrs?" Kanya talked to herself, producing lots of saliva and blurry spells.

Is that her name? Her price? Her self value? Her brand? Her surname?
Of course it's her price, she answered her stupid question to herself with a bitter smile.

The goldfish was staring at Kanya's lips, for Kanya's sake.

"Hesshloow...gowshfisshh....I awms Kannyiaashh.." Kanya greeted the goldfish.

For no more lies in this world, the goldfish spread her lips wider. It's a smile! Then the goldfish talked something to Kanya. "Your lips look awesome," it said. Kanya was totally amazed, that she could understand exactly what the goldfish had said to her.

Kanya took the jar and gave it to the cashier.

The cashier fortunately was too busy to ask anything to Kanya, so he only took 2 dollars from Kanya's hand and put the goldfish into a ballooned plastic bag. "Thank you for shopping at Marco's Pet Shop," he said without even looking at Kanya. One thing that made Kanya felt more happy that day. A new best friend that would understand her lips, and cheap price for a big-worthy creature such as goldfish.
What a gold day...


andre'de-blue said...

kind uf funny...
d you allow comment?

Nice names, nice drawing. You drawed? or doughter? or patient :)

childgoodhood said...

it's my drawing, yes.
it's all mine.
it's all silly :)

yes i really adore comments
thank you!

Des, jolly anne said...

A new best friend that would understand her lips, and cheap price for a big-worthy creature such as goldfish.
What a gold day...
sukaaaa :):) aku link ya hehe

Anonymous said...

Every dog is valiant at his own door.