Saturday, February 03, 2007


"What are those on your face???!!!" Brian asked, showing some unattractive smirk on his face as he stared down to her ex's face, that girl named Ann Bob who used to be really optimistic about anything. Except for two things in this world.

Ann Bob quickly covered her face with hands, hiding her red nose too from crying. "Please..we just met,like after all these years, and you just reckon my zits like that. Bry...I'm hopeless...after I was hopeless with you, than these zits are just worse than you." She almost whispered in front of her oily onion rings.

Bry walked slowly to her side. He remembered how the first time they met at their first day of college. He really adored her blue hair and weird sense of style. That girl was also put her heart on him, which became so easy for Bry because she phoned him first. Since that first ring day, they went steady and safe like Airbud and his playing ball. Unfortunately, the ball is no longer his. Eh? Uhm, yes, Bry is no longer Ann Bob's boyfriend.

And now Bry and Ann were meeting at Topi Cafe, which used to be their favorite spot when they're still together. Ann invited Bry. Ann insisted Bry, exactly, to tell him all about this spell thing.

"How did the zits show up like this?" Bry asked suspiciously. "Don't tell me it's because of--"

"Of course not!" Ann Bob cutted his words with bitter tones of lying. "I won't spend my money for that thing just to get you back."

Bry locked his eyes on her. "Don't lie to me, Annie. You wanted to meet me for some reason. Help you out from the curse?" Then he laughed a little coldly.

Ann Bob sighed. "Oh, Bry...ok, I went to that woman again, and it ended up like this. She said the spell wouldn't work if you're married to someone, and yes as the award I would get these billions of zits on my face.'re married huh?"

Bry slapped his face with his own hand in disbelief. "Ann...I thought I knew you. But..How could I ever think that you're serious when you wanted to put me on a spell?????? GOd!!!! Jezz..and it's totally wrong for not telling you that i've been married. Oh God.. now look at you!! But Ann... you really"

Three seconds later, Ann Bob has faced an empty chair in front of her. This was the second spell. The second failed spell. Then she remembered how she got this blue hair after she broke up with Timothy. No more spells.

But maybe someone, just maybe, would fall in love with her billions zits, like Bry fell in love with her blue hair.

Spell always works something in its odd way, trust Ann.

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