Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Shy Heroine

Besides Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Powerpuff Girls, or maybe John Lennon, there is also another human with special power too. She was born as a heroine, called Sophor. She could light up the sky when it's too dark, she could spread sugar powder to all over the city, she could think of 50 things in one time, and she could fly like a spaceship.

BUT (absolutely BUT) Sophor has this one leakage. She's way too shy as a heroine. Her heart beats so fast when she has to help people or whenever her power comes out. She even almost cries when everybody stares at her super power executions. Just like when you have to read a poem in front of a million classmates.

That's why Sophor always says no when a movie producer wants to make superhero movie about her. She's too shy. Her cotton fabric cloth covers her face anytime she's out, just to cover her blushing cheeks when the power comes out.

For the worst thing, she even thinks twice to use her power against the enemies. So, who wants to care about a shy heroine named Sophor? Go read marvels, guys.


Gitta Karina said...

your blog is just like... awesome, i love it

Mama's Gun said...

O' marvelous blog! I love A Shy Heroine it's cheerfully witty and somber at a time. I have abandoned my blog for so long, and it didn't last quite long on its progression actually. lol Now I feel like I'm able to carry on yea! Anyway, do you know ? You two share the same interests, really ; )