Wednesday, January 27, 2010


"I have a butterfly in my stomach, I feel soooo in love," Jenny told me with her happiest smile ever. "You know that guy named Arthur? He asked me out last nite and finally I could see him from half of meter distance Ah, I can't sleep all nite long."

I thought about something for a while, then looked at her with a shrug. "Good for you, my friend."

Jenny stopped smiling and looked at me with a I-think-you-are-jealous look. "Oh, Kyle...don't be such a python." (She calls everyone annoying a 'python').

I shrugged. "Because it's almost February and every guy just feels insecure without a lover until Val's day, that's why he suddenly asked you out. Warming up you know."

Jenny left me without saying any goodbyes, but I guess I heard her mumble a word python once again.

I only laughed. She's my best friend and what kept us stay best friend is we fight a lot. Best friends love to fight!

Suddenly Pamela came by. "Hi're alone?" her voice as always, flat like a red carpet, and her face never changed. She always looks like questioning something. I guess her surname is Question Mark. She's also one of my best friends, but we don't fight that lot because her face already makes me feel sorry.

I looked around me, there's a little bird eating some seeds on the grass. "Nope, I'm with a little bird. We're hanging out." My words just made her face more into questioning mark expression.

"Kyle, I'm in love?" she said ( or did she ask?)

"Hmm..are you telling me something or are you making a true or false question?" I asked.

Pamela nodded. "I'm telling you something."

I shocked. If Jenny fell in love, that's I will never care because she fell in love every week, but Pamela?

"HOw can???" I almost cried. "Who's the weird guy?" One thing about me I haven't told you, I don't believe in falling in love. Guys are crazy and I don't fall in love with crazy people. I know lot about food, dresses, secret discount sale, or even cars, but love and guys... it stress me out more than Biology final exam!

Pamela started to smile, a flat smile of course. "Do you remember that guy whom you think look like a crying cucumber?"

I thought for a wihle, of course I didn't remember which one. I have put too many curses on guys. The last nickname I made is a guy that looks like a Fishing Boat, but Crying Cucumber I didn't exactly remember "Yes, of course. Who's his name?"

"Greg. He wants to be my boyfriend. Could you believe that?" she asked me. "This is the first I feel a butterfly in my stomach."

Three hours later I was alone in my backyard. I hate this, but I think I have to feel that love and that guy my best friends are crazy about just now. Shit! Should I? I guess yes. Okay, I don't know anything about it, but look like they have something in common. Butterflies in their stomach! So that day I waited patiently for a butterfly flying near me and caught them with a net. I caught one butterfly, then I held its dusty wings. I don't know whether it's right or not, but should I eat the butterfly? I guess yes? And I eat the butterfly until I feel it land on my stomach. Let's see what happens tomorrow... wish me luck, guys...


laililaili said...

sakiittt.. ah karin si aneehh..

Fitria said...

Love this karin, i wonder, when can i pour every odd things in my head into an odd yet beautiful literature.