Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Love My Surname Poetry

One day in a poetry class.

Mrs. Humming: Daisy! Your turn. Read us some poetry.

Daisy stood up from her chair and walked forward to face the class. Her big glasses always slid down on her tiny nose. Red freckles all around her apple bones, and clear blue eyeballs fully opened whenever she felt excited. Her medium dark hair, a bit messy like Niagara Waterfalls, covered some right-and-left side of her round face. She's a creature that people won't forget at the first sight. Her names is Bond, Daisy Bond.


"I Love my Surname...." she shouted the poetry's title in full of confidence, made everyone in class sigh boringly. Daisy always came up with idiosyncratic poetry. Everyone hates it,  maybe except for Wek Lee Sung, the Taiwanese boy that had a crush on Daisy, and of course whom Daisy like very much since 2 years ago. Daisy liked Sung first, then 3 days later Sung had the same feeling. He thought Daisy was kinda cute.

And anyways, here goes again Daisy Bond with her poetry.

I love my surname, because people always think I have something in common with Mr. James.
  I love my surname, because I could introduce myself to new people in a cool way like "Hi I'm Bond, Daisy Bond" and they will frown. I love it when people frown at me. 
 I love my surname, because it could make people forget how weird I look.
 I love my surname, because it's not too hard to spell like my friend's surname, Timo Whazklopozcisky.

(there's a sound of Boo from Timo, then Mrs. Humming shhhed him, then turned her head again to Daisy who already knew it would happen somehow. "Go on, Daisy, continue your poetry.")

 I love my surname, because it sounds fine with Daisy.
 I love my surname, because I can have it from the time I was born until I die later someday, while Sean Connery could only have it for 7 episodes.
 But one thing I hate about my surname, it has to go if I marry Wek Lee Sung. 
 Wait! But I kinda like Daisy Sung, because people will think I could sing. So I wish someday my name is Daisy Sung anyway.