Sunday, October 29, 2006

Candy Hairdo Day

Dorin went to a salon called "Treat & Sweet".
The hairdresser asked her. "What do you want your hair to look like?"
Dorin thought for a while. She was really boyish, she never brushed her hair, she never put any make up on her face, and she never got any serious boyfriends. Maybe all these years, her triangle curly hair have been the worst part of all.

"I want to be the sweetest girl on earth," Dorin answered with a serious face. "Just do my hair anything you want."

The hairdresses started to work her job also with her serious face. Around an hour later, the hairdresser clapped her sweaty hands once. "It's served, Dear. Now you can pay the bills and be the sweetest girl on earth."

Then Dorin looked at herself through the honest mirror in front of her. " make my hair like a candy!"

Her hair was now neatly made into white & yellow stripes, totally like a lollipop. The cutting was also edgy, and she gave it a lick to some part of it. "Hmm!! Yummy! Absolute sweet!"

The hairdresser nodded. "Yes, it's caramel, cherry, and honey. Your hair is now a real candy of lollipoppa. Beware of ants and bees. You're the sweetest girl on earth. You got some hair with 80 grams of sugars. And if your nephew cried out for some sugary lick, your hair is all hers."

Dorin smiled happily and paid the bills. Her hair was as sweet as caramel as cherry as honey as "Treat & Sweet" hairdo.

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