Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fin & 32 Good Friends

In that sunny day, not friendly sunny, but more like killing sunny, the appearance of unfriendly guy like Fin is not everyone's pleasure. Not even to that desprerate beggar lying on the ground right under the shadow of that unfriendly guy Fin.

Maybe it's none of other human business, but Fin has this serious problem which makes him better-be-deleted-than-never person. Thank god you don't even know who Fin is. Or maybe it's just getting better when Fin doesn't even know YOU.

The problem is, he has too many good friends, you know..not that kind of good. It's not good friends like best friends or closest friends....it's good friends like friends with good GPAs, good salaries, good lovers, good families, good health, good cars, and also good teeth.

While Fin himself is no good at all in those goodie things he see in his friends.

Fin has 32 friends in this world. They're all the same. They're all the same fucking good. God loves them so.
Even my old folks have never been this agreed that all of my friends are fucking good. Jeff, Brenda, Veronica, that rich Kyle, Chester, Duein, Joe, the young & successful Victor Kingsweep, and everyone on my phone list....

Fin took a deep breath. Now he was standing alone on the street, he looked at the world with full of jealousy. His eyes were flickering behind his old glasses.

"Sir, you're blocking my space. People can't see me, how am I supposed to get some money? Not even you standing here give me a bug." Suddenly the beggar spoke to Fin from the view of Fin's feet.

Fin looked down. "Shut up. But how if you become my friend?"

The beggar didn't feel interested. "What a freak."

Fin just shrugged. "What's your name? I"m Fin."

The beggar was now counting his pennies inside his dirty paper coffee cup. "I'm Fuck."

Fin shook his hand with happiness. "Thanks, Fuck. You save my life. Now I have 33 friends, and not all of them are too good anymore."

Fuck could only shook his hand back. "Yes, you're right. Now I have 3 friends and none of them are good. Fuck me."

What a sunny day with Fin & Fuck eh. Don't mind them. Thank god you don't even know who Fin or Fuck are, and yes thank god they don't even know YOU.

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