Thursday, October 26, 2006

Unfriendly Bikini

There was this one girl named Jessica who couldn't swim. She wanted to be a fish, but she couldn't swim. She wanted to see real corals in real ocean, but she couldn't swim. She wanted to make bulbs all over the water, but she couldn't swim.

Then her big sister, Norah, gave her the most useless thing to be given for Jess. It's a pair of green striped bikini. The top looked more like an aerobic suit. Jess really loved the bikinis she almost cried.

"Norah, I really love the bikini. Where did you buy it?" Jess asked with a happy smile. Her lips became wider and wider like a dolphin.
Norah smiled back. "From a department store. Wear it and give it some move okay. Learn how to swim."

Then Jess put it on to her body, half her feelings were happy, and some other half were a bit scared. Water was her most favorite element in this living community, but she never even tried once to swim.

"Oh, the bikini looks perfect on me," Jess said inside her heart as she stared her own reflection in the mirror. "I've gotta swim like right now," she convinced herself, again inside her heart. Beating heart.

Three hours later Jess was already standing stiff in front of a public lake near her house. "This is the time," she said, this time with her voice singing in the air. "This is the time!"

One, two, three.
Jess was still standing stiff.
Four, five, six.
Jess hasn't moved a bit.
Seven, eight, nine.
Her legs were trembling.
Jess was moving. Moving back to her house.

For this case, Jess asked for an apology, that she couldn't make this story feels tasty for you. Jess felt bad and never wanted to make you disappointed anymore. Would you forgive her for being so coward and weak for something that she loved so much? Some people indeed don't know how to sacrifice themselves for the things they love, and it's totally no big deal. Time never stops for the next jump.

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