Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Lonely Ross

Hey..maybe it's only you who wants to read something about me.
Seriously, I have no friends. Not that much, but at least I have these 2 freak bestbuds (Yo Chen and Billy). They are vegetarians and sorry to tell you this but please don't puke up because they actually make this funny cream soup with their hair. Thank god supermarket has imitated meat, so they put it up together and honestly it's not bad at all.
I think I'll just write about something else.

My name is Ross, I'm a sensitive male, I like women, I don't hate gay, and I really want to have normal friends.
I am that kind of boy who knows a lot about surfing, gardening, and....believe it or not.. shopping... yes, shopping.
I can walk you along the street just to help you choose one pair of stilleto.
I won't get bored to see you stopping by at every store.

My body fragrance is vanilla, well just to convince that you're safe and cool with me.


andre'de-blue said...

Nice drawing, nice writing. Drive me silly. Keep writing and silly drawing :)

dita dita dan dita said...

blognya keren bagnet