Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Holyloeyah & Her Magic Milk

Hi..i'm Holyloeyah. just call me H O L Y. and don't spell it H O L L Y

I used to be reallllly fat. Like..you know... frog.
Then I got so depressed...and I started to drink milk like a crazy puppy. I couldn't even stop it. gulp..gulp...and gulp...and yet I just want another glass of milk pleAse HURRY UP!!!

I thought I was going to be like the worst frog on the field.
then suddenly... miracle happened.
I got thinner...and thinner..and it just curved to the sexiest line.
And my boops were pretty shaped too. Baby whats going on..

But I don't care... who knows that the god of milk loves me, and he bless me with his magic milk...

Holyboops. Holyloeyah!

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